20+ Tools To Supercharge Your Dropbox

Dropbox is a useful cloud storage, but most users do not realize that it can be way more powerful if you know how to make the most use of it. If combined with the right services, Dropbox can do almost anything imaginable in the cloud space.

So, in this post, I’m listing some of the most popular Dropbox tools and services that enhance your favorite cloud’s power and allow you to do a lot more with Dropbox. Let’s check them.


Writebox is a free online editor to write and save ideas, notes, and outlines that sync with your Dropbox account. All you need to do is log in to Writebox and start typing, and after you are done writing, just sync it with Dropbox. All your notes will be saved in a predefined Dropbox folder – ready to be accessed from anywhere on any device.



Jotform is a free web-based tool to create and embed forms in websites. It’s a great tool to collect data such as emails, survey answers, phone numbers, etc. Its seamless integration with Dropbox allows you to store the data from your forms directly in your Dropbox account – saving your form data safely in the cloud.


WordPress Backup to Dropbox

WordPress Backup to Dropbox lets you schedule backups of your WordPress blog or site. The backups include your website’s database and media (photos and videos), which are pushed directly to your Dropbox and help in restoring your website easily at the time of crisis.

The plugin also lets you configure date, time and backup frequency and even allows choosing specific files or directories to back up on scheduled basis.

wordpress backup to dropbox

Gimme Bar

You can bookmark images, text, media or videos from the web browser directly to Dropbox by creating a free account at Gimme Bar. It’s as easy as to drag and drop links, tweets, photos, screenshots into its bookmarklet, and within some seconds, those will sync to the predefined folder or library in your Dropbox.

gimme bar


Wappwolf gives you the power to sync files between cloud-based apps using Dropbox. You can drag and drop files into predefined Dropbox folder and Wappwolf will perform an action accordingly. The actions include converting files, uploading to Evernote, Facebook, Flickr, etc., syncing to Google Drive, OneDrive, Sugarsync, and many more.

automate your dropbox


DropPages is an incredible service that enables you to host a website directly from your Dropbox. Just open DropPages > connect to your Dropbox > choose a domain name > download any pre-loaded theme and edit it to create your website. You can even upload your old static site to DropPages’s folder to host it straight from Dropbox.



Viivo is a multi-platform solution that encrypts your cloud data in Dropbox. The tool allows to access or download the encrypted files to/from Windows, macOS, Android and iOS devices.

Viivo encrypts the data on your device before sending it to Dropbox and thus, helps keep your files safe from hackers and data thieves even if your Dropbox gets hijacked.



Jing gives you the power to share your ideas immediately via a virtual clipboard. You can share your thoughts, designs and more with other people using screenshots, images and videos. Its seamless integration with Dropbox gives you access to enough cloud space to share or save anything to revisit them later.



JustCast allows you to host podcast services directly from your Dropbox. The tool also integrates seamlessly with iTunes to publish podcast to the web and iTunes. Just give JustCast access to your Dropbox, then drag and drop podcast (mp3) files into its designated folder, and the podcasts are instantly available for everyone to listen.



Invision is a well-known platform to transform static design files into interactive, clickable prototypes by adding animations and transitions. It proves a real powerhouse for design agencies with its feature to sync with Dropbox. You can now access, store, manage, sync and share your designs with the combined potential of Invision and Dropbox.



Marvel is a prototyping tool for teams that helps create prototypes, and lets teams share and collaborate on such projects. Its easy integration with Dropbox allows people to work on multiple projects seamlessly from different locations and sync designs or prototypes directly to/from the cloud storage in your Dropbox account.



Wevideo is an easy to use but powerful cloud-based collaborative video editor. With its integration with Dropbox, you can now access videos directly from your cloud folders (on Dropbox), edit and share them straight from the browser. Additionally, you can upload the edited videos to Vimeo to showcase your excellent work.



Remark lets your team collaborate during video review sessions by letting them leave comments as time-stamps on the video itself. Its collaboration with Dropbox allows you to access and review videos directly from Dropbox, and leave suggestions and remarks (in form of comments, drawings or voice notes) or approve them from any device.


Kanban Tool

Kanban Tool is a visual project management tool that features time tracking, team collaboration, and project analytics. With its Dropbox integration, Kanban Tool allows teams to work cohesively and access shared documents. It organizes and classifies all your Dropbox files, thereby streamlining business processes and improving workflow.

kanban tool


PandaDoc is a new-gen, web-based document editor that helps automate contracts, proposals, and quotes. Its integration with Dropbox allows you to access, edit or e-sign documents from anywhere on any device. For example, you can send contracts to clients for e-signing and store the signed document directly in your Dropbox.



Sitebox is a static site generator that integrates straight with Dropbox. Just sign in with your Dropbox and it’ll create a folder there to store your website. Then tell your email and site name, and Sitebox will create a template website in that folder. You can now edit your site, copy your old static site in that folder or publish it directly from Sitebox.



SortMyBox allows you to organize your Dropbox data by creating magic folders that sort files per preset rules. The tool gives you the option to create filters and sort out files just like you can do for emails in Microsoft Outlook or other email clients. SortMyBox also keeps logs of all the files and their moves per sorting rules to avoid misplacing them.


Send to Dropbox

One of its kind service, Send to Dropbox helps you save email attachments directly to your Dropbox in a distinct “Attachments” folder. That’s not all, it also features folder organization, email whitelists and more for free. It’s a very useful Dropbox tool for people getting lots of mails (like us) having important file attachments like project files, article submissions, bank statements, etc.



Mover is a cloud-based data migration service that allows you to migrate and transfer files between different cloud storage providers. The tool safeguards your data and files during transfers using end-to-end encryption. Mover also allows to schedule backups by setting up scalable schedulers that backup your data to your choice of cloud.



IFTTT is a process automation tool that connects with hundreds of popular apps and websites including Dropbox to automate anything using if-then sequences. For example, you can create an IFTTT rule so that every time you post an image on your Twitter page, a copy of the same is automatically downloaded to your Dropbox.



Mihand is a free web-based service to organize your Dropbox folders using tags. Instead of manually creating folders and arranging files, you can use Mihand to create them for you automatically. It’s just as simple as to add tags to files or folders to classify them, and this tool auto-arranges them as per the tags on them.



Handy for anyone who uses multiple cloud-based services, Otixo links the services forming an easy to use cloud file manager. It’s a handy cloud manager that supports Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, SugarSync, Box and more clouds. With Otixo, you can preview, search, copy, move, backup and drag & drop files between different cloud services.


Dropbox Folder Sync

Dropbox Folder Sync is a simple add-on for Dropbox to seamlessly sync folders outside the de facto Dropbox folder. It proves handy in syncing games, browser profiles, Outlook’s data, music libraries, etc. to Dropbox from their own locations. You just need to the right-click on a folder and choose Dropbox Folder Sync > Sync with Dropbox.

folder sync add on


Boxcryptor helps you encrypt files for uploading them seamlessly to Dropbox. The tool ensures privacy, of your data in the cloud and protects them against data thefts, identity thefts, and other malicious attacks. Boxcryptor works with many cloud storage providers including Dropbox, Google Drive, OnDrive, Box, etc.



One must have Dropbox installed on the device to access your account and sync files seamlessly on the device. DropboxPortableAHK, however, solves this problem making Dropbox portable and accessible on any computer, say at cyber cafes. Moreover, it even allows to login to multiple Dropbox accounts on a single system.

dropbox portable ahk


This is the Mac version of Dropbox Folder Sync Add-on and works the same – folders outside of Dropbox can be synced. You can use it by right clicking on a folder and select ‘Sync with Dropbox (via MacDropAny)’ or dragging the folder to the MacDropAny icon.



You’re normally not allowed to change the location of important files, but Dropboxifier allows you to ‘trick’ application files to read and write to Dropbox. You can then install Dropboxifier on another computer to access and edit the application data simultaneously which means you will have all your settings or data from your primary computer on the secondary one.


Wrap up

Well, that was all about the best free tools that give Dropbox a totally new dimension. And that’s not everything – you can do much more using these tools with Dropbox right in the cloud using your web browser only. Try it yourself!

Do you already use any such tool? Do you know more such tools to share? Don’t hesitate to reach to us using the comments section.

5 Ways to Boost Internet Speed With Command Prompt

Slow internet speed is a never-ending issue that plagues internet users every now and then. Sometimes it’s an issue with network configuration, other times the issue may lie with the PC or even the ISP itself.

However, many of common DNS, TCP and IP address related issues can be resolved using Windows Command Prompt. Below are some of the Command Prompt commands that you should try using when you face slower internet speed than usual.

Accessing the Comand Prompt

Before starting, first let’s see how you can open elevated Command Prompt window.

There are many ways to access Command Prompt with administrator rights, and each way is different based on the Windows version. However, an easy and sure-to-work method is to simply type cmd in Windows search bar and right-click on the Command Prompt option.

Now select “Run as administrator” from the context menu and confirm the dialog to open Command Prompt with administrator rights.

Note: It is better to run all of the below-mentioned commands in a Command Prompt with administrator right. It is also a requirement of some of these commands.

1. Renew IP address

A lot of issues may affect your current IP address and make your internet or browsing slow. It could be an IP conflict or even a problem at the DHCP server. Thankfully, in most cases, a simple IP address reset is all you’ll need to fix such issues.

You can use two Command Prompt commands to first release the connection with the current IP address and then renew it.

Here’s how:

  1. Write the command ipconfig /release and hit Enter, and some large columns of text will appear.
  2. Here, write ipconfig /renew and hit Enter again. This should reset your IP address and solve any internet slowdowns that could be happening due to an IP address issue.
renew ip address

Note: Do keep in mind that it is normal to be reassigned the same IP address as before. The point here is to disconnect and create a new connection.

2. Flush DNS resolver cache

Your PC keeps a list of websites hostnames and IP addresses that you visit and saves it in DNS resolver cache. This makes it easy to create a connection with a website that you have previously accessed.

However, there is a chance that any corruption in the DNS resolver cache could lead to slower or no access to websites. This may not slow down your actual internet, but it could slow down your overall browsing. If you face such a situation, then you can just flush the DNS resolver cache to fix the issue.

To flush DNS resolver cache, enter the command ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter. You should see a confirmation saying “Successfully flushed DNS Resolver Cache“.

flush dns

3. Reset Winsock

Windows uses multiple network sockets to exchange information, and programs can install LSP (Layered Service Providers) to manage traffic and redirect it to the right path. However, any corruption in sockets or an infected LSP could lead to slow connection, website redirects, or even no access to websites.

If this happens, you can reset Windows network sockets back to default. To do so, type the command netsh winsock reset in Command Prompt and hit Enter.

After successful execution, you’ll have to restart your PC for the changes to take effect.

reset winsock

4. Use Netsh command

The netsh command allows you to configure multiple network settings that directly affect the performance of your connection. If your internet is taking an unusually long time to connect to websites, then you can make multiple changes in the network to speed up the connection.

Below are some netsh commands that you can use to speed up your connection. An “Ok.” message will confirm that it has been executed. Do keep in mind that some of these commands may not work on your PC due to limited compatibility.

  • netsh int tcp set global chimney=enabled
  • netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal
  • netsh int tcp set supplemental (Alternative command for Windows 7 users is at the end)
  • netsh int tcp set global dca=enabled
  • netsh int tcp set global netdma=enabled
  • netsh int tcp set global ecncapability=enabled
  • netsh int tcp set global congestionprovider=ctcp (For Windows 7 users)
netsh command

Enter all these commands and then restart your PC to let the configurations take effect. In most cases, they should speed up connectivity and also the overall internet speed.

If you face any problem, replace enabled part of these commands with disabled and enter to disable it.

For example, the command netsh int tcp set global chimney=disabled will disable Chimney offload feature.

5. Speed up Streaming

If you’re getting the best available internet speed but video streaming websites like YouTube are streaming slow, then there’s a chance your ISP might be throttling your connection. It is common for ISPs to throttle streaming to save bandwidth. Thankfully, a simple command can fix this issue.

In the Command Prompt, enter the below-mentioned command and hit enter:

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="StopThrottling" dir=in action=block remoteip=, enable=yes

This simply adds a rule in your firewall that will prevent your ISP from throttling your connection while streaming.

To sum up

If you face any internet problems, then you should try all the above commands first. In most cases, an unexpected slowdown in internet speed or web page access error is usually caused by problems in these areas. Do let us know in the comments if you manage to fix your slow internet speed using these methods.

15 Common PC Problems and How to Troubleshoot Them

You don’t have to run to the repair shop every time your PC ends up with an issue. Many of the common PC problems have a rather simple solution, and you can fix them yourself with a few simple steps.

To help you troubleshoot common PC problems yourself, I have listed 15 most common PC hardware problems and what your options are if you face any of them.

1. PC Overheating

A heating PC slows down the whole system and leads to frequent crashes. Additionally, PC components may also get permanently damaged due to constant exposure to heat.

There are two main reasons your PC heats up, i.e. either the cooling system isn’t working properly or the PC is heating to the point your cooling system can’t handle it anymore. In either case, I have written a comprehensive article on different solutions to handle an overheating PC. Do check it out.

2. Dysfunctional USB Port

If your USB port stops working, it’s not necessary that it’s broken. Below are some solutions that can fix this issue:

Method 1: Restart the PC

Restarting the PC is the answer to many problems, and it is a common solution to USB port problem as well.

Method 2: Uninstall USB port driver

Uninstalling the driver of the USB port will force Windows to reinstall it when you will restart the PC. This may fix the problem. Here is how to do it:

  1. Press Windows + R keys and enter devmgmt.msc in the Run dialog to open the Device Manager.
  2. Here, expand Universal Serial Bus controllers option.
  3. Now right-click the entry USB Host Controller and then click on Uninstall.
  4. Repeat this for all entries with USB Host Controller to uninstall drivers for all the USB ports.
  5. Once deleted, restart the PC and Windows will automatically reinstall the drivers and fix any driver issues.
hardware problem uninstall
Method 3: Disable USB selective suspend

USB Selective Suspend is a Windows power saving feature that suspends unused or idle USB ports to conserve power. Sometimes it could stop a USB port from working. Here is how to disable it:

  1. Press Windows + R keys and type powercfg.cpl in the Run dialog to open Windows Power options.
  2. Here click on Change plan settings next to your current plan and then click on Change advanced power settings.
  3. Now, expand USB settings and disable USB selective suspend setting.
  4. Restart the PC to see if it fixes the USB port issue.
disable usb suspend

Note: This option should be kept enabled if you want to save battery power. If it doesn’t fix the USB port issue, then enable it again.

3. PC keeps disconnecting from WiFi

If your Wi-Fi is working fine but your PC keeps disconnecting from it, then your PC’s network card may not be receiving full power. Windows has a built-in power saver option that gives less power to the network card. You need to disable this feature:

  1. Go to Advanced settings in the Power Options.
  2. Here expand Wireless Adaptor Settings and then expand Power Saving Mode.
  3. Set this to Maximum Performance.
max performance

4. PC beeps

The PC motherboard is smart enough to detect problems and sounds beeps in different rhythms to tell you. Here is an article on what it actually means when the PC beeps multiple times.

If the PC doesn’t start after the beeps, then it’s usually difficult to solve the problem yourself. However, I’m going to list down two of the most common problems due to which beeps occur, and thankfully, you can solve them yourself as well.

Problem 1: Out of place RAM

A problem I recently dealt with. If the RAM inside your PC gets loose or out of place, then your PC will beep 2-3 times and won’t boot at all. The solution is simple, open up the PC (laptop users should let an expert handle this) and reinsert the RAM. Here’s how:

  1. Take out the RAM completely and clean any dirt inside the slot using a cotton bud.
  2. Now insert back the RAM and put enough pressure on both ends to ensure it is fully inside.
  3. Afterward, close the clips and make sure they’re properly locked. Even a slightly loose RAM will be unable to work.

This video should help you properly install the RAM

Problem 2: Recently added hardware

A damaged or wrongly installed hardware component could lead to beeps. Take out any newly added hardware components and see if it solves the problem. If the PC works fine afterward, then either get it installed properly or get it fixed (or replaced).

5. PC Fans not working

If you notice one or more fans in your PC aren’t working, then it could be due to the dirt inside. You will have to open up the PC and use a compressed air can or a leaf blower to clean up the fans and other components.

Here’s a video to help you with the cleaning process:

If dirt wasn’t the problem, then you can also use the SpeedFan app to see what is the problem. The app will let you control the fans to make them work again. Although your PC motherboard must support fan control to use this app.

6. PC not using a portion of RAM

Sometimes your PC may not use a portion of RAM. For example, You may have 4GB of RAM, but your PC only uses 2GB when you check it from the Task Manager. This is usually a Windows setting issue.

Note: If only a few MBs (200-400MB) of RAM isn’t being utilized, then it’s probably being used by PC hardware and you can’t do anything about it.

The solution to this problem is simple – Windows must have been configured to only use a portion of the RAM. Here is how to fix it:

  1. Press Windows + R keys and type msconfig in the Run dialog to open System Configurations.
  2. Move to Boot tab and click on Advanced options.
  3. Now check the checkbox next to Maximum memory and enter the maximum amount RAM you have installed (in MBs).
  4. Click on OK and restart the PC to let it take effect.
system config

Good to know: While you are at it, you should also check the checkbox next to Number of processors option and ensure your PC is utilizing all the CPU cores as well. Set it to the maximum number if you want to use all of the CPU power.

If this didn’t fix the problem, then there is also a chance one of the RAM isn’t installed properly. Try reinstalling it.

7. Overworking fan

Your PC fan runs according to how much your PC is heating. The higher the temperature, the faster the fan will run. In case your PC temperature is fine (you can use HWMonitor to check it), but the fan is running at full speed; then you’ll have to manually control it.

You can use the SpeedFan app for this purpose as well. It will tell you the running speed of all the fans inside your PC so you can manage their speed. Don’t worry about app compatibility, overworking fan problem only happens with motherboards that can control the fans.

8. PC crashes before loading the OS

If your PC only shows manufacturer logo and then crashes right before it was supposed to load the operating system, then it’s a problem with RAM or hard disk. As the OS is unable to load, then either the RAM is corrupted and can’t hold the boot loader or the hard drive is damaged and can’t load data inside it.

If you have multiple RAM slots, then taking out each one of them one by one and starting the PC will help find the culprit. In the end, you will have to replace the corrupted RAM or the hard disk, whichever has the issue.

9. PC isn’t powering on

If your PC is not powering on at all – not even a single light in it, then it must be a problem with the power source.

Desktop users: If your PC’s extension cord, power outlet, and other connections are working fine, then the problem may be with the PC’s power cable. Replace the power cable of the monitor with the CPU’s (if you don’t have a spare) to see if it turns on. You’ll have to get a new power cable if this fixes the problem.

Laptop users: Take out the battery and put it back before starting the laptop. If this doesn’t work, then take out the battery again and connect the charging cable to the laptop. Start the PC on charger power and see if it works. You will have to replace the battery if it fixes the problem.

Note: You should also remove all types of external devices connected to your PC while trying this. A malfunctioning device might cause this issue.

10. Noisy PC

If you hear a lot of extra noise while using the PC, then most probably it is a plea to clean it up. Get it cleaned or use a can of compressed air or leaf blower to clean it up yourself. If you have overclocked your PC GPU and CPU, then they could be the reason for the noise as well.

Here is a video with simple methods to clean your PC:

There is also a chance that a disc inside the DVD ROM is making the extra sound. You can check this article about all the PC components that create noise for more information.

11. Noisy hard drive

If you hear clicking or grinding sound from the hard drive, then it might be time to get a new one. Hard drives have a limited lifespan and loud sounds are the main sign of a near hard drive failure. You can use CrystalDiskInfo hard drive monitoring tool to check the health of your hard drive. The tool will tell you the current health of the hard drive with signs like “Good”, “Caution” or “Bad”.

You should back up all your data immediately and try to get another hard disk before this one fails on you.

12. Blue Screen of Death

The dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) can occur due to both software and hardware problems, but usually, it’s a hardware problem. Whatever the cause, BSOD requires immediate attention as it’s a sign of a big problem.

BlueScreenView is a great Nirsoft utility that will show important information if you have recently suffered a Blue Screen of Death. You should be able to identify and solve the problem using this information. Below are some common reasons for BSOD and their solutions.

1. Corrupted drivers

A corrupt driver may be the cause of BSOD. To find that out, use the following steps:

  1. Open Device Manager by typing devmgmt.msc in the Run.
  2. Here expand each menu and look for a yellow triangle icon next to each driver.
  3. If you find any, right-click on it and select Update Driver Software to update its driver.
update driver

You can also use a third-party app like IObit Driver Booster to automatically find and fix driver problems.

2. Too much pressure on the RAM

If you open too many programs that RAM can’t handle, then it may freeze the system and show BSOD. For that, you should either stop opening too many programs or upgrade the RAM.

3. Faulty hard disk

BSOD is also a sign of a dying hard disk, use the instructions in problem #11 above to identify hard disk problems.

4. Heating PC

Heating PC also leads to BSOD if too much pressure is put on the components. Use the instruction in problem #1 to solve it.

13. Blank monitor

If your monitor isn’t showing anything, then this could be a problem with the monitor itself or the graphics card. You should connect the monitor to another PC to see whether the problem is with the PC or the monitor.

If the monitor isn’t powering on at all, then replace the power cable with a working one and see if it helps. Here is a good article on how to fix a monitor that isn’t showing anything.

14. Monitor goes black after few seconds

If the monitor goes black after few seconds of display, then it could be a problem with the color quality or screen adjustment. Press the auto-adjust button on your monitor to see if it fixes it. If not, then you will have to change display color from 32bit to 16 bit.

You can connect the PC to another monitor to adjust colors from your graphics card settings. Pressing the auto-adjust may show the display for few seconds. You can use this to your advantage and adjust the color while pressing auto-adjust.

15. Keyboard issues

If your keyboard is making noise and won’t type repeated words properly, then there is no problem with the keyboard. You must have enabled toggle keys and filter keys in Windows settings that cause such a problem. To disable them:

  1. Open the Control Panel and click on Ease of Access.
  2. Here click on Change how your keyboard works button.
  3. Now uncheck the checkbox next to Toggle keys and Filter Keys to solve this problem.
filter keys

Rounding up

Many of the above hardware problems can be easily fixed by tweaking the settings or using a software. However, some of them will definitely require you to pay a visit to the computer repair shop.

It’s good to at least know what is wrong with your PC so you can take the measures accordingly. Do let us know in the comments if you faced any PC hardware problem before and how you solved it.

8 Sites to Make Money for Video Creators

There are sites that’ll pay you for the things you do daily. However, if you have a talent, like video creation, then you should know about the right platforms from where you can earn good money using this talent.

10 Sites to Download High Quality Stock Videos for Free

10 Sites to Download High Quality Stock Videos for Free

As designers use stock photos and images to spice up their designs, videographers can now do the same…Read more

It’s difficult, however, to determine the right platform to generate a decent income in exchange for your video-making efforts. Most websites offer a minor percentage of the profit, thus your income may not be enough if you’re a serious video maker. Also, some sites don’t offer the right exposure to your videos, hence resulting in dissatisfactory view counts.

Well, in this post, I’m listing below the best video networks for video creators after researching a few dozens of them. Just read about them and decide the best for you.

1. Dailymotion

Profit share: 70% | Minimum payout: $100 | Sign up | More details

Dailymotion’s video monetization program earns you a revenue every time an ad is placed in your videos. It supports in-stream video ads to generate maximum earnings and helps you cultivate your audience by displaying relevant ad content. All you need to do is upload quality videos and share them to reach a greater audience and gain maximum profits.

Dailymotion's video monetization program

Once you enable its monetization program, you will automatically start earning (just like YouTube Partner Programme). Dailymotion displays ads in a number of formats as it seems suitable for your channel and the videos. Apart from showing advertisements, Dailymotion also allows you to rent your videos on demand or on a subscription basis.

For this monetization scheme, you need to create a pricing list for your videos or the channel, and then you can offer your content in this scheme. Unlike YouTube, you can brand your videos with your logo. Moreover, you can check detailed audience and revenue analytics in your account. And withdraw your generated earnings via Payoneer or PayPal.

Eligibility requirements
  • You must upload your own original videos.

2. Vimeo On Demand

Profit share: 90% | Minimum payout: Not available | Sign up | More details

With the Vimeo On Demand platform, you can sell your videos directly to your fans, offering them an option to rent, buy or subscribe to your videos at an affordable cost. Your videos can be sold to worldwide or a targeted regional audience — across desktop and mobile platforms. You can also promote them using social media, emails, and newsletters.

Vimeo's Video On Demand

The video pages can be customized, and you can add captions and subtitles to the videos. And the best part is, you can also represent your work through an impressive poster. Apart from all these, you can view the sales statistics, the number of plays, and more.

Revenue generated through your videos is transferred to you using PayPal. The video pricings entirely depend on you, and also, you can consider a special (discounted) price for the buyers. Moreover, the site supports multiple currency options to simplify your pay.

Eligibility requirements
  • You must join Vimeo PRO (costs $17/mo. billed annually).
  • You must have the copyrights of the videos.

3. Twitter Amplify

Profit share: Not available | Minimum payout: $100 | Sign up | More details

Twitter helps you earn revenues from videos with its pre-roll ads and the ability to monetize video content in multiple ways. Its wonderful Amplify Publisher Program enables you to monetize your tweets including videos and get a part of the generated revenue. This program, however, is only available in the US at the time of writing this post.

Earn money through Twitter

Twitter provides flexibility in this program so that you can opt-in or opt-out anytime. You can also pre-set monetization for all tweets/videos or opt-in tweet by tweet. Once accepted to the program, you’ll get a confirmation email from the team.

After you’re a part of Twitter Amplify, you’ll see a Monetization tab in the Media Studio. Your earnings will be displayed in the analytics tab, and the payment will be made after 2 months via direct deposit/ ACH or PayPal.

Eligibility requirements
  • You must be a US resident.
  • You must be 18+ years old.
  • Your Twitter account should be in good standing.

4. Facebook Ad Breaks

Profit share: Not available | Minimum payout: $100 | Sign up: Not available | More details

Facebook offers Ad Breaks to help you earn money from live broadcasts in the US. The feature enables you to take breaks in between your live videos and run short ads. And for taking the breaks, you will get a share of the ad revenue. The Ad Breaks program is currently in a beta phase, and to be eligible for this, you’ll require at least 2000 followers.

Earn using Facebook Ad Breaks

Once you are eligible for the program, you can take Ad Breaks during a live broadcast. The live broadcast should run for at least 4 minutes and it should have a minimum of 300 viewers for you to make an earning out of it. If your broadcast is eligible, you’ll receive the Ad Breaks notification with a dollar iconjust click it to take a break.

For a greater benefit, you can take live breaks every 5 minutes after your first break. During the break, viewers will see an in-stream ad of up to 15 seconds. Once the ad is over, viewers can resume watching the video.

You can check the earnings from the Insights page under Settings. And the payment gets transferred to your PayPal or bank account.

Eligibility requirements
  • You must reside in the US.
  • You must have 2k+ Facebook followers.
  • The live broadcast must run for 4 minutes.
  • The live broadcast must have 300+ viewers.

5. Amazon Video Direct

Profit share: Depends on the royalty program | Minimum payout: $100 | Sign up | More details

It offers you the flexibility to earn royalties based on hours streamed by Amazon Prime members. This program supports video resolutions up to 1080p Full HD and makes your titles available on its Amazon Video. From this service, users can stream and watch your videos online, or rent or buy the videos, and you get a profit share.

Earn using Amazon Video Direct

To set up your Amazon Video Direct account, you need to link your Amazon account with the program, and then create your company profile. You can post videos that you own, and review the streaming statistics, subscription metrics, and revenue from your dashboard. Also, you can see the projected revenue and payment history from your account.

Amazon Video Direct lets you promote your video titles in the US and several other locations. You can choose one or a combination of the royalty programs for revenue share — from rentals and purchases to monthly subscriptions and ad impressions. The payment is directly done to your bank account via wire transfer or electronic funds transfer.

Eligibility requirements

6. The Vault

Profit share: Not available | Minimum payout: Not available | Sign up: Not required | More details

The Vault is a video monetization platform from Break.com that lets you upload your videos and earn from them easily. It helps make your videos go viral by featuring them across its network or on YouTube to earn you more. You can also sell your videos to its media partners and clients who seek premium clippings for their video productions.

Earn money using Break.com

The Vault works in an easy way. Just capture or create a video and upload it to its site. Its team will review your submission and get back to you with an offer. If you accept the agreement, its team will send you the payment via PayPal or paper check. Unlike above platforms, you may get a one-time or royalty offer on The Vault.

Eligibility requirements
  • You must upload self-created videos only.

7. Envul

Profit share: Not applicable | Minimum payout: $20 | Sign up

Envul lets you earn revenue for every 30 seconds of video watched. This program works in a very simple manner, allowing you to enable monetization and earn money on your videos in a simple and fair manner. It pays you for unique views per video, and this means that the more videos you upload, the more you get to earn with them.

Earn money from videos on Envul

Envul accepts the videos related to gaming. To get into the monetization program, you need to sign up with Envul and enable “Monetization” on your videos. A member can also earn up to $3.00 USD for every 1,000 views, but the actual payment rate primarily depends on the viewers and the frequency in which they watch or download your videos.

Envul also helps you to earn with its affiliate program. For example, you will earn 10% of your friend’s revenue share. You can also track your video analytics, earnings, and payments from your Envul account. And your payments are sent to you using PayPal.

Eligibility requirements
  • You must upload gaming-related videos.
  • The uploaded videos must be your own.

8. YouTube

Profit share: 68% | Minimum payout: $100 | Sign up | More details

YouTube accepts any channel for monetization after it crosses 10,000 views. It’s easy to begin earning with YouTube — you can simply apply for its Partner Program if your channel meets the eligibility. Interestingly, YouTube also provides tips from the top creators to help you build your audience and develop enough views for monetization.

Earn money by posting on YouTube

Once your channel reaches 10k views, you’ll have to request a review, which is usually completed within a week. After applying for its Partner Program, sign up for AdSense and set up your monetization preferences. Then after, your videos will show ads and earn you money, which you can check directly in your AdSense account.

If I talk about possible earnings, your earnings depend upon a number of factors such as the type of ads appearing next to your videos and their pricing. Another amazing thing is that you can view your channel’s analytics, subscribers, and lots more from your account. Do note and remember to upload videos only if you own their commercial usage rights.

Eligibility requirements
  • Your channel should have 10k+ views.
  • You own the uploaded videos’ commercial usage rights.

Ready to earn from video creation?

If you’re truly seeking for some effective places to generate handsome revenues from your videos, then do try out the above sites. I’ll suggest to try out few sites based on your content, site authority and traffic, and its profit share, and find the best for you.

And don’t forget to focus on your video quality and its content — “content is the king“. It’s also because the more unique and quality videos you upload, the more views and downloads you’ll receive. And that’s equal to more revenue for you.

What’s your experience of making money through videos? Which site do you suggest from your experience? Please share your story with me using the comments.

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The way EMMA works is pretty simple. Before you’re able to use the tool, you’ll first need to train the A.I. to recognize an author’s particular style. To do so, the A.I. will request samples of the author’s work, requiring you to upload either a single document that contains around 5,000 or multiple documents in order to hit the 5,000-word quota.

teach your emma

Once the training is complete, you can feed EMMA with 200 word-long articles, after which the bot would analyze the writing style of the article and determine who is the likely author behind it.

teach your emma

According to EMMA’s developers, the A.I. app has an accuracy rating of 85%, which is said to be the highest rating engineers have been able to achieve. After a short experiment, I’m inclined to believe that statement as EMMA is able to identify the authors of the articles that I’ve submitted.

5k words required

While the app itself is still in its beta stages, EMMA will prove to be a particularly handy tool for journalists, writer, teachers, and other occupations where writing is of particular importance.

who finds emma helpful
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